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Inception Property Management Toronto is a fee-for-service automated property management company in Toronto, Canada. We employ the latest technologies in order to make sure you get the best prices with the least amount of work.

Why Inception?


Automated Toronto Property Management for investors. Start with a few taps on your smartphone.


People need things instantaneously and with the help of technology this is now possible.


Substantially cheaper than managing on your own! What is your time worth!
John Kezemidis

Property Management You Can Rely On!

– John Kezemidis, Founder,
Inception Property Management Toronto

Automated Toronto Property Management For Investors

With the pace of everyday life exponentially increasing, we now require information instantaneously and with the aid of current technology this is now possible.

Managing a Toronto Property has become cheaper and more efficient, making it feasible for new investors to enter the market.

Our commitment to you is that we will continue to stay ahead and evolve with the changes.

Why do a lot of investors in Toronto choose to manage property on their own?

  • The margins are thin.
  • They need more profit in their pocket.
  • Property managers charge too much.
  • They feel they can do a better job on their own.
  • They think there won’t be many headaches

Many times things come up! A noise complaint, a maintenance request,  smell issues or unpaid rent.


Dealing with tenants’ emotions and feelings can cause headaches.

Let us handle it all for you!

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

With our Toronto Property Management system we employ the latest technologies to ensure you do the least amount of work, all at an affordable price.

No headaches! If something comes up we will take care of it and charge you a reasonable fee. If nothing comes up your only cost is a small monthly fee that is less than a coffee a day.


You buy us a coffee a day and we will make sure you have no headaches with your Toronto property!

Toronto Property Management You Can Trust!

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