Every landlord and investor knows that avoiding vacancy is the key to keeping costs down and profits up when you’re renting out a property GTA. An occupied property is an income-producing property, so finding and placing a well qualified tenant is critical! Even more important than finding that tenant is keeping that tenant. Tenant retention will deliver a better investment experience, and it will also result in higher investment earnings.

IPMT is not a property management company that tenants are eager to leave.


Highly qualified tenants want to live in attractive, comfortable, and well-maintained properties. IPMT won’t list your rental property on the market until it’s in great condition. IPMT wants everything inside and outside the home to function properly, be clean, and look like it’s ready for a tenant to move in. Our experience has shown us that good tenants will not stay in properties that are run down or dilapidated. Our goal is to attract tenants who will want to stay in place for several years. The best way to do that is to offer a well-maintained home that’s priced correctly and reflects our commitment to providing great properties to great tenants.


Communication with the Tenants

Communication helps us establish a respectful and professional relationship with our tenants. This is especially important before the tenant moves in. IPMT make a point of discussing the lease agreement in detail so we can be sure the tenant understands all of our expectations. Tenants have our contact information. IPMT will provide information on how to report routine maintenance, and what they should do when it’s time to pay rent. IPMT is available and accessible to our tenants at all times. IPMT ensures that the tenants feel secure.

IPMT is Responsive and Prompt with Maintenance. The most common reason tenants leave a property management company is a lack of responsive maintenance from their landlords and property managers. When IPMT receives a maintenance request, an efficiency process is  to be followed that ensures the repair is taken care of quickly. If it’s an emergency or a habitability issue, we fix the problem right away. If it’s a minor or routine repair that’s needed, we are still careful not to put it off.

Reasonable Rent Increases Large rent increases will chase away good tenants, so we work hard to keep our rental increases reasonable. We reach out a month or two before the end of the lease to find out of that tenant is planning to renew. IPMT excellent tenant relationships allow us to talk through any hesitation they may have. IPMT stay’s informed on how the market is performing.

Our tenants have many good reasons to stay with IPMT.