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Committed to staying ahead and continue to evolve, in an ever-changing world, which is becoming more and more automated.

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Our Story

John Kezemidis, Founder
Inception Property Management Toronto

With undergrad education in Business, I have always been fascinated by Economics and Business, Supply and Demand market forces, etc.

Back in 2004 I purchased my first investment property and admittedly, it was a messy loss. Never really consulted anyone –  just walked into the showroom and was sold ice to an Eskimo!

That first investment experience really motivated me. I had a huge urge to learn more about the industry and studied formally. In 2010, I earned my real estate licence.

I have learned that there are a lot of ways to win big and lose big in this industry! And there are varying levels of professionalism and expertise when it comes to working with salespeople, advisers, brokers, etc.

My goal with Inception Property Management Toronto is to help investors generate wealth with the least amount of work as possible, just like I have learned to do successfully for myself and others the last decade.

I wanted to create an automated Toronto Property Management company for investors. Something they could do with a few taps  their thumb on a smartphone and at an affordable price of CDN$19.99 we take care of all the headaches for you!

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