Consider these control fixes to help prevent storm water runoff and extensive rainfall from damaging your property.

Exterior area of your Rental Property
Slope soil away from your home’s foundation, decks and porches.
Look for holes or cracks in your foundation and completely seal.
Ensure that the downspouts around your home are sloped away from the foundation to allow water to drain away from your home.
In the fall and spring, clean out eavestroughs and downspouts of any debris that might prevent proper drainage.
Plug holes or cracks in your eavestroughs, downspouts, downspout extensions and seal these with silicone caulk.
Attach a few feet of extra downspout to the bottom of the downspout to ensure runoff is draining far away from your home.
Interior area of your Rental Property
Do not store valuables or important documents in the basement as this is the most common location in households for a flood.
Ensure all furniture have legs so that in the case of a flood, furniture fabric will not accumulate or absorb any flood water.
Consider having a backwater valve (or backflow preventer) installed onto your home’s sewer line by a professional. In the event of a back-up, the valve automatically closes to prevent water and sewage from entering your home.
Ensure that the backwater valve is properly installed to ensure sewage and water is stopped and not able to enter through other outlets in your basement, such as a sink, toilet or shower.
For insurance purposes backwater valve has to be inspected by a licensed qualified technician, If not insurance companies may not cover damages